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Indoor Plants

Tow Victorian Parlor Palm Live Plants Chamaedorea Indestructable 3" Pots


(5 Pack) - Indoor Succulent Plants Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil


Chamaedorea Victorian Parlor Palm Live Plant 4" Pot Indoor Outdoor


8'' Live Mini Snake Plant -Zeylanica -Desk Plant- Air Purifier- 4" Starter


Mini Air Plant Terrarium Kit with Dust Rose Moss, White Sand & Pink Rose Quartz


Maranta Green Prayer Plant Easy to Grow 4" Pot Garden Indoor Outdoor Houseplant


Beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig 6" Pot House/Garden/Indoor/Patio Plant


*Miracle Mix*Plant Food Balanced Fertilizer Indoor/Outdoor Plants FREE SHIPPING


Large ones back in stock! Maroon Rubber Tree Live Plant Indoor House Plant


Monstera Adansonii, Live Plant! swiss cheese plant 4 inch pot


Rattlesnake Live Plant Calathea lancifolia Easy Houseplant 4" Pot Indoor


Calathea Fusion White Peacock Live Plant Easy Houseplant 4" Pot Indoor Best Gift


Potting Soil, Hunter's Wycked Wicking Mix, 8 Quarts, Grow Award Winning Plants


Live Plant Burgundy Rubber Tree Ficus Fit 6" Pot Garden Outdoor Indoor Best Gift


Tradescantia pallida Purple Heart Plant out/indoor Purple 5in+ Big Cuttings


Red Prayer Plant 'Maranta' - Live House Plant - FREE Care Guide - 4" Pot


Live Ficus Benjamina Green aka Weeping Fig Plant Indoor Plant Fit 1QRT Pot


Violet Hill Tradescantia Zebrina Wandering Jew Trailing House plant WITH ROOTS!!


Rosy Maidenhair Fern - Live Plant - FREE Care Guide - 4" Pot - Low Light


225 LED Grow Light Lamp Ultrathin Panel UFO SMD Bulbs Indoor Plant Veg Flower


Golden Queen Pothos Vine Epipremnum - Can Grow to Jumbo Large Plant! Free ship!




225 LED Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Veg Lamp Indoor For Hydroponic Plant


Dual Head Plant Grow Light Lamp + 40 LED for Indoor Plants Hydroponics 20W PASCC


Corkscrew Rush Perennial indoor house plant in 2" pot - Juncus effusus Spiral


Hoya Carnosa Unusual & Unique Wax Live Plant - Indoor Outdoor - Orchid Companion


SPECIAL OFFER~Hoya Carnosa Tricolor Wax Plant 3" Pot Excellent Orchid Companion


LED Grow Light 225LED UV IR Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants Hydroponic Plant


Begonia Plant Rajah Rare 4" Pot Rhizomatous Rare Terrarium


Cordyline Electric Pink Aka Draceana Palm Live Plant Fit 1 Gallon Pot


African Violet, Marathon 1% Granulars, Grow Award Winning Plants


Artificial Hanging Plants Ivy Vine Indoor Outdoor Fake Garden Decor Faux Plastic


Persian Shield Live Plant - Strobilanthes - Inside/Out Fit 6" Pot